New York Times NYT Spelling Bee Answers and Solution for October 2, 2022

These are answers and solution to the New York Times Spelling Bee Puzzle. The answers for the NYT puzzle can be learned by watching the video below. Don’t forget to subscribe to get daily updates.

Today’s pangram is PUNGENCY.

PUNGENCY is defined as wit having a sharp and caustic quality. It is also defined as a strong odor or taste property.

EGGCUP is defined as dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled egg.

EPEE is defined as a fencing sword similar to a foil but with a heavier blade.

EYECUP is defined as a small vessel with a rim curved to fit the orbit of the eye; use to apply medicated or cleansing solution to the eyeball. It is also defined as (embryology) a two-walled cuplike depression that develops into the pigmented and sensory layers of the retina.

GUPPY is defined as small freshwater fish of South America and the West Indies; often kept in aquariums.

PEEN is defined as the part of a hammerhead opposite the flat striking surface (may have various shapes).

PEEP is defined as a secret look. It is also defined as the short weak cry of a young bird. It is also defined as make high-pitched sounds. It is also defined as appear as though from hiding. It is also defined as cause to appear. It is also defined as look furtively. It is also defined as speak in a hesitant and high-pitched tone of voice.

The word PENCE has no known definition.

PENNE is defined as pasta in short tubes with diagonally cut ends.

PENNY is defined as a coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit. It is also defined as a fractional monetary unit of Ireland and the United Kingdom; equal to one hundredth of a pound.

PEPPY is defined as marked by lively action.

PUCE is defined as a color varying from dark purplish brown to dark red.

The word PUNNY has no known definition.

PUNY is defined as (used especially of persons) of inferior size. It is also defined as inferior in strength or significance.

PUPPY is defined as an inexperienced young person. It is also defined as a young dog.

The word UNPEG has no known definition.

The word UNPEN has no known definition.

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