Is there always a Pangram in Spelling Bee?

Is there always a pangram in NYT Spelling Bee?

There always is a pangram in the New York Times Spelling Bee. The distinguishing moment of any NYT Spelling Bee is when the player has that A-ha! moment and sees how the seven letters will unite to form one word. Finding the pangram is like that moment in The Matrix when Neo can see everything as code and now knows how to beat the agents. It’s like that, just on a smaller scale.

Here is the tricky part, there is always at least one pangram in every Spelling Bee puzzle. That also means there can be more than one spelling bee pangram. Does this matter? Eh, not really, but for low score puzzles, pangrams make up a larger portion of the total amount of points. Not getting a pangram means you have to find at least three five-letter words to replace it.

A remember a recent puzzle where I found three pangrams, I was at 83 points and Genius was something like 101. That puzzle would have been nearly impossible to solve without getting at least two of the pangrams. That was definitely harder than most puzzles, at least when it comes to having to get the pangram.

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  1. In yesterday’s Magazine, the letters were ailuty center letter c pangram was actuality. Through an error where the answers were supposed to be, was a repetition of the instructions. Have not been able to find the answers. Please provide.


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