How Do You Get Queen Bee in Spelling Bee?

How Do You Get Queen Bee in Spelling Bee?

When you check out the levels, they seem to go from Beginner through Nice all the way to Amazing and then Genius. The game seemingly ends at Genius, but you can play on to keep racking up more points. What happens when you find all of the Spelling Bee Words, you become Queen Bee!

How Hard is to Become Spelling Bee Queen Bee?

I’ve found, becoming Queen Bee is probably easier on the days where Genius is only 50 or 60 points. This is merely a function of the fact you will not need to find as many words to get there. However, those words can be hard to come by. You might only need like 25-30 words to get to Queen Bee.

In comparison, on a day where Genius is 250 points, you will have to go well into the 300s in order to obtain Queen Bee. That is guaranteed to be a road filled with lots of four-letter words, odd archaic references, and at least two words you have never seen before.

Should you keep playing so you can become the Queen Bee? I guess that’s just a function of how much time you have in the day. I’m usually pretty happy being reaffirmed as a Genius and I’ll stop my day at that point.

When I have been tempted to go for Queen Bee is when I found the pangram late on low-point Genius day. This gave me the feeling I was already halfway to Queen Bee. It was just an allusion. I could not make it to Queen Bee, not at least without some help from this site.

If you are going to try doing it, one of the keys is finding all those four letter words early on, because those are going to be really difficult to think of later. That’s just what it’s been in my experience.

What has been your experience trying to become Queen Bee?


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  2. Look at the “genius” number. The “queen bee” number will be 1.43 times the minimum genius number. That’s 43% more points. For example, if “genius” is 78, 78 x 1.43 = 111.5. You’ll get to queen bee with 112 points.

  3. I would love to know how many total words there are for each spelling bee. After genius, you don’t know how much further you have to go to queen bee status … I’m sure I would waste … um … invest more time if I knew i was only two words away vs. something like 10 …

  4. Just who are the Queen Bees? Where can we see their names & scores? Do they really get a baseball cap w/ “Queen Bee” on it? We need more transparency!


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