What Time is the NYT Spelling Bee Posted?

What Time is the NYT Spelling Bee Posted

With the New York Times based on the East Coast, it looks like the publishers want players to have the Spelling Bee ready for the dictionary wizards first in the morning, so the Spelling Bee is almost always published at 3 a.m. Eastern time. Since most people are already asleep when the new spelling bee is published, this means they will wake up with a bright shiny new puzzle to get their brain going in the morning.

Now if you are in Europe, say in France, you’ll be able to enjoy a brand new Spelling Bee at 8 in the morning, just as your coffee and croissant (or whatever buttery yummy bread you choose to eat there, I love them all) are ready to go. A little spelling bee makes for the perfect compliment.

Spelling Bee players often also do the New York Times crossword, which publishes at 10 p.m. each evening. This gives the New York Times the opportunity to engage with their players before they go to bed, and right before they go to bed.

And if you are in Sydney, Australia, a new game will publish at 7 p.m. local time. This will give you the opportunity to have a nice lager or cider to wind your brain down for the evening

As always, you can find the answers to the NYT Spelling Bee by visiting our homepage. Good luck!


  1. Do you count streaks on spelling bee? What time does if finish on weekdays?
    on saturdays and sundays?

  2. Why is the Spelling Bee I have in the NYT Sunday magazine different than the one I see on line? Usually I check on the Monday or Tuesday after the Sunday I’m checking for a list of words but they “Spelling Bee” letters on-line never match the letters I have in the Sunday NYT magazine. Why ?


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