Does NYT Spelling Bee Get Harder?

Does New York Times Spelling Bee Get Harder

One of the most amazing things about the NYT Spelling Bee, is you never quite know what you are going to get that day. It seems to me, the makers of the New York Times Spelling Bee are aiming to get a consistent level of hard each day. However, some days, a Genius score is 53 points, and you will creep through. You’ll have lots of one-point, four-letter words that help chip away. Other days, you’ll have a Genius score of 240, and find yourself using five or six-letter words like they are going out of style, as you fly through word after word trying to get to the end goal of genius.

Unlike the New York Times Crossword, which get progressively harder from Monday through Saturday, there is no real difference between a Monday Spelling Bee and Friday. Both can be as equally satisfying and difficult.

Does Spelling Bee Get Harder?

No. It does not. Which means, every day presents a new challenge.For me, the real level of difficulty is how common the NYT pangram is. The one that always sticks on in my mind is VULPINE. Even after I saw it, I’m about 90 percent sure that was the very first time I ever saw that word. Another day, there were three pangrams and Genius was somewhere in the mid-80s. I got all three pangrams and I struggled hit Genius.

Another sign of difficulty is the ability to build words off another. In a recent puzzle, I was able to get PINING, PINNING, and UNPINNING in about five seconds. A quick twenty-two points.

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  1. I tried to use the words “embue” and “embued” today (May 10), but they weren’t accepted. ????


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