NYT Pangram – Today’s Pangram for New York Times Spelling Bee for January 22, 2021

This is the NYT pangram for the New York Times Spelling Bee Puzzle. The pangrams for the NYT puzzle can be learned by watching the video below or reading below. Don’t forget to subscribe to get daily updates.


CONNECTIVE is defined as an instrumentality that connects. It is also defined as an uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences. It is also defined as connecting or tending to connect.

CONVECTION is defined as (meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere. It is also defined as the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion.

The word CONVECTIVE has no known definition.

CONVENIENT is defined as large and roomy (`convenient’ is archaic in this sense). It is also defined as suited to your comfort or purpose or needs.

CONVENTION is defined as orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional. It is also defined as something regarded as a normative example. It is also defined as the act of convening. It is also defined as a large formal assembly. It is also defined as (diplomacy) an international agreement.

EVICTION is defined as action by a landlord that compels a tenant to leave the premises (as by rendering the premises unfit for occupancy); no physical expulsion or legal process is involved. It is also defined as the expulsion of someone (such as a tenant) from the possession of land by process of law.

INCONVENIENT is defined as not conveniently timed. It is also defined as not suited to your comfort, purpose or needs.

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